As you are getting older have you noticed how hard it is to recover from your exercise program or even a rigorous day at work? You are not alone! Especially if you are in your 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80's or 90’s it only gets worse with each passing year.

Until Now!! This is why we are excited for you to take

a new direction in life and Challenge Aging!!

Unfortunately aging has this effect on us ALL because of a simple biological fact. As we age, we are unable to process (digest or breakdown) and absorb (utilize) the protein we eat like we did when we were younger. The older we get the worse it gets and the longer it takes us to recover and rebuild our bodies because our bodies just can’t get the protein we need. We consume but we don’t absorb. In our 20’s we absorbed and utilized 50-60% of our protein and all was good. By the time we reach our 80’s we are around the 20% or less absorption range. Sad but true!

We can’t repair our bodies and recover

if we can’t absorb and utilize the protein we consume.

Our solution to this natural path of aging is simple. Help you absorb protein like you did when you were younger. We at “WholeFoodFit” want to provide you with a very unique form of protein which has been predigested for you… so your body can absorb it at a 98-99% level, an absorption level even higher than when you were 20. In addition, we add a blend of 14 probiotics to help support your digestive process and maintain the body's natural microbiome.

Exciting isn’t it! It is not some magical discovery... just simple science. Most importantly, there is another little known fact about aging you should know...

If your body could absorb the protein...

It would use it and recover!!

With "WholeFoodFit" now it can. So we want you to Challenge Aging!! It is possible by consuming our protein at a 98-99% absorption rate because lack of protein absorption and aging go hand in hand. Never has your body been able to absorb protein at this level. Yet with our protein you will and what will you gain? We predict both increased energy and vitality along with your recovery! Our logo tells the story very nicely on the All About Recovery page.

We think you all will know someone who wants to stay fit due to their profession... wants to stay fit and healthy for their loved ones... wants to stay fit for themselves... and most importantly wants...

To Finally Challenge Aging!!